Sensing Solutions:

Our sensing solutions are designed to fit into one or more Attabox AH864 enclosures.
We chose to do this to separate the sensing systems from the RiverBot(TM) systems. This allows us to use the same sensing technology on the RiverBot(TM) or as part of a stationary sensing node.
We are in discussion with two sensing companies to find low-cost, reliable sensors that meet our requirements.

Sensing Technologies:

Several sensing technologies are available. Their relative utility and reliability are subject to debate.
As we gathered data on our operating environments, we came to realize that the environment could change during the course of a deployment or measurement cycle. For example, if it rains, the chemical concentrations in the Lagoon will change, for a period of time. Any sensor measurements taken during that time either need to account for the change, or be built impervious to that kind of change.
Another aspect we found, especially in the Indian River Lagoon, is the potential for significant accumulation of algae on the sensor probes. This will require cleaning, or a system that can shed the algae.