Remote Monitoring STEM Project

LagoonNet Summary

LagoonNet© is a distributed remote sensing STEM project that provides students and citizen scientists with the tools and technology to monitor the progress of Indian River Lagoon recovery efforts. The LagoonNet© water quality-monitoring network will cover most of the 156 miles of the Indian River Lagoon.
Citizens, decision makers & researchers will be able to track Lagoon health and see changes before major problems surface.

Current Sponsors and Supporters


2016 – 3rd Quarter

  • Identify Phase 1 monitoring region
  • Identify Phase 1 technologies
  • Create learning template

2016 – 4th Quarter

  • Identify Phase 1 participant schools
  • Identify Phase 1 technology partner

Project Phases

In Phase 1, the initial sensor development, deployment and installation will be tested out with with two or three educational partners.
In Phase 2, the program will be expanded to additional schools in Brevard County
In Phase 3, the program will be expanded into additional counties along the Indian River Lagoon
Schools, classes and clubs are welcome to contact us at contact at cure oceanus dot org and request information.
If you would like to donate, please use our form at