Plastic Horizon

How much plastic lies between us and the horizon?

We know there is plastic off the Florida coast, we know it’s impacting sea turtle hatchlings and adults.
The Plastic Horizon project will quantify what we “know” so coastal communities can act to curb the amount of plastic entering the water.

This page is the main information page for the project, and we will update our Facebook page and blog as we make progress.

Project Description

Plastic Horizon is a project that services two purposes: connecting young people to the ocean environment and quantifying the plastic and debris along the GPS tracks of the Tour de Turtles marathoners. Participants will collect water samples and recover debris along the way.
This project will bring our participants into contact with maritime and marine science, and will inform communities that depend on the ocean of the potential issues that float between us and the horizon.

Sponsors and Supporters

The Sebastian Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation is sponsoring our plastic trawl equipment purchase. We would like to thank them for their generosity.

Timeline and Milestones

The timeline is funding and equipment dependent.
We have identified a Manta Trawl for the project. We are currently working on a plan to transport it from San Diego to Melbourne.

We invite organizations and individuals who want to reduce the amount of plastics entering the ocean to work with us to bring this knowledge forward. You can contact us for sponsorship details at contact at curaoceanus dot org, or you can make a tax deductible donation right here:

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