About Us



Our mission is to identify and remove plastics and other pollutants from the Ocean Environment .

We are taking a two-pronged approach, a systemic reduction in the amount of waste going INTO the Ocean, and a robotic presence for removing plastics and pollutants already IN the Ocean.

To reduce the amount of waste going into the Ocean, we will partner with organizations, like the Surfrider Foundation, to educate communities and help them implement ideas that reduce littering and fly-away trash near bodies of water. We will also partner with waste management companies to deploy technologies that reduce the amount of trash going into landfills.

For human-robot teaming, we focus on technology that will intelligently augment humanity’s ability to monitor and remediate the Environment. This being the second decade of the 21st century, we think it’s time we started building robots that can operate semi-independantly with human oversight.

The Board

Members of Cura Oceanus come from software engineering, systems engineering and video production backgrounds. Between us we have worked in almost a dozen different industries.
Bottom line; we are a group of creative people who know we can make a difference

Four board members currently guide Cura Oceanus acting in a volunteer capacity.
Chairman: Ahmed Abdelkhalek contributes over 15 years experience in technology, software and systems integration & design across private & DoD industries. He serves on the board of AUVSI Florida Peninsula Chapter and the INCOSE Space Coast Chapter.
Treasurer: Gordon D. Mahon has over 16 years experience in proposal work, systems integration & test design for various DoD and private companies.
Secretary: Ismail Abdelkhalek, with over 10 years experience in video production, has filmed for The Discovery Health Channel and The US Department of State.
Director at-large: Dr. Karim Naguib, a postdoctoral fellow, researches social interaction and the diffusion of beliefs and information with prior expertise in software engineering with Microsoft.