Advisors, Donors and Supporters

Supporting Cura Oceanus

You can support Cura Oceanus by providing financial contributions here, by donating used vehicles, or by donating project resources such as parts or your time and expertise. email us at: contact at curaoceanus dot org if you’d like to learn more.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Benefits

The Cura Oceanus Foundation started with very few resources and yet has been able to recruit a technical team across multiple states, build a submersible robot and register as a Civil Society Organization with the United Nations, all in a burst of activity that started in June of 2014. We’ve brought small businesses together, provided an educational experience to professionals and students and increased awareness of the shortage of data on pollutants in waterways of local interest. By sponsoring us your organization will benefit from positive exposure to an engineering organization with a social mission. We can add to your STEM presence, associate your brand with local technical experience as well as a positive environmental mission at the state and national level and provide your employees with mentoring opportunities in the technical and environmental domains.

Sponsorship Levels

Cura Oceanus Foundation offers a you the choice of sponsoring our overall mission, or a specific project.
Mission sponsorship levels:

  • Visionary Level
  • Mission Partner Level
  • Benefactor Level

Project sponsorship levels:

  • Innovator Level
  • Thinker Level
  • Project Supporter Level

Our Partners

Our partners provide us with manufacturing facilities and operational support. We appreciate everything our partners do, and could not have gotten as far as we have with our projects without their support
Mnemonics, Inc
Tru Mension Manufacturing
Codecraft Lab
Space Coast Fab Lab


Every non-profit company has sponsors and donors. The organizations that sponsor us give us the opportunity to showcase their technologies as we built our robots. If you see something you like or are curious about, please ask us or contact the sponsor and ask about whatever you saw – just let them know that you saw it in our project and whether you saw it in operation or at an exhibit.
These companies have stepped up, so please consider purchasing their products. They’ve been really good to us.
Attabox Industrial Enclosures
Ion Motion Control
Hansen Corporation
No Magic
Jaycon Systems