Mobile Learning Center


The Mobile Learning Center and Its Parts

The Cura Oceanus Mobile Learning Center moves the contents of a biology lab, a computer lab, a life sciences lab, a physics lab and a math classroom to the learners’ location. By packing hardware and software into rugged and portable containers, a classroom can be set up in any suitable indoor space in under 30 minutes and learners can rotate through the classroom throughout the day. If required, the team can reconfigure the classroom for a different learning area within an hour. With planning and sufficient transition time, the Mobile Learning Center can provide up to 3 different learning experiences, at different times, of the day in the same space.

The People

Cura Oceanus is building partnerships with organizations, educators and volunteers with experience running STEM education programs. Together with these great people, we will provide sustainable and valuable educational experiences to learners of all ages.

The Truck

The Truck
This truck has been pledged to us as the basis for the Mobile Learning Center.

The Cura Oceanus Mobile Learning Center brings STEM learning resources to learners, wherever they are. Our hands-on learning experience encourage learners to think about what they are learning in school and provides them the opportunity to explore practical aspects of STEM. Because of the diversity of demographic backgrounds, we offer several different learning experiences ranging from basic ideas to advanced concepts.

The Gear

Wifi switch for internal connectivity
WAN Wifi router for access to the Internet
8 Terabyte SAN or NAS device
VMWare Horizon Air Desktop
14 laptops with 12Gigabytes of memory and an i5 or better processor
6 microscopes with 200x magnification
1 microscope with PC connectivity and at least 200x magnification
1 microscope capable of digital image capture and at least 200x magnification
7 Snap Circuits logic kits and extra parts
7 parallax Arduino shield robot kits
6 DFRobot Shop Rover V2 autonomous development kit (—arduino-compatible-tracked-robot-autonomous-dev-kit.html)
14 chairs
7 tables with power receptacles
Power cables and extension cords
Cable gutters
Transit cases to hold all components
Projector or large screen TV connected to the instructor’s computer
3 3D printers
Biology microscope slide set (3 sets of at least 25 slides each)
48 geodes (expended and replenished)
2 rockpicks
12 weather study kits
4 sets of geologic rock specimens
Study of optics kits, enough for 12 learners


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