Creating a Better World Through Technology

Cura Oceanus was created in response to a need for smarter technologies and for people who could use them to address and resolve major problems. Our organization is focused on building key technologies and on preparing the next generation of expertise.

Our mission is to find ways to use technological tools to make the world a better place. We believe that three fundamental activities are the keystone for our mission: education, mitigation and reduction. The three tines of the trident in our logo represent these three activities.


  • Educate communities
  • Change “It can’t be done” to “how can we do it?”
  • Provide students hands-on learning opportunities as part of existing research projects


  • Rapidly and consistently identify the root issue to be addressed
  • Identify reliable and safe ways to neutralize or address the issue


  • Identify and promote enhanced manufacturing techniques
  • Research new materials with better waste characteristics
  • Find ways to reduce the likelihood of the problems occurring in the first place

To improve our ability to deliver authentic hands-on project experience to students, we have established working relationships with the Marine Resources Council, the Space Coast STEM Council, the St. Petersburg Makerspace, the UF 4-H Extension and CASIS, the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space.

What Cura Oceanus is About

We follow a two-pronged approach; finding ways to reduce the amount of waste going
INTO the Ocean, and applying sensing and human-robotic teaming technologies for
removing plastics and pollutants already IN the Ocean.

To reduce the amount of waste going into the Ocean, we will partner with organizations,
like the Surfrider Foundation, to educate communities and help them implement ideas
that reduce littering and fly-away trash near bodies of water. We will also partner with
waste management companies to deploy technologies that reduce the amount of trash
going into landfills.

RiverBot(TM) is the name of a community designed and built autonomous underwater
robot that is capable of operating in water up to 15 meters deep. With the use of this
technology we will clean the Indian River and thereby improve the health of the Indian
River Lagoon ecosystem.

Humanity has the technology, information and resources to develop effective and long-term solutions to reduce society’s waste while improving the quality of life.

For the first time in history, people are taking responsibility for their consumption and disposal of resources and are taking steps to live more sustainably.

We believe that the next phase in responsible stewardship of natural resources is to extend humanity’s reach beyond our physical constraints through the use of intelligent platforms, like RiverBot, to persistently monitor areas of concern

You can support our mission by volunteering your time and expertise, or by donating through PayPal, to fund research, development and operations. Please know your kind support is an investment towards the future and a path to make the world a better place..for all!